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  • Built in 5.5” OLED monitor, can preview all the input and output
  • With USB3.0 port present a wonderful live streaming
  • Support PTZ camera control
  • Support media store, can download static picture
  • Support any PIP, bring vivid live streaming
  • HDMI output support PGM/PST/PVW
  • Support T-BAR Transition switching
  • Support cinema level Chroma Key function
  • Support mix audio output
  • Support up to 4xHDMI input, realize multi cameras switching
  • With earphone port, realize audio monitor for any audio input and output


Equipped with 5.5 OLED monitor

User no need to connect any external montor, with the built 5.5 monitor, user can multiview 10 windows at the same time.

USB3.0 Port for Live streaming

Neolive R2 can be recognized as web-camera by PC, and use the USB3.0 PORT, can realize high quality live streaming at 60 frame/second and high color sampling.

Various transition effects

Neolive support 15 transition effects, when press the EFFECT button, user can load the different effect quickly, and Press the Auto button to make various transition.

Media file storage

Built with storage, Neolive support picture insertion without occupying any input channel, so user can insert different background during the live streaming.

Any PIP layout and Load

User can adjust the PIP size and position freely by the knob, and load the saved layout quickly.

Dual level heat dissipation

With the unique heat dissipation design, Neolive R2 can provide a quiet live streaming, and avoid microphone involved in the ground noise.

HDMI output port multiplexing function

The HDMI output port can be reused as PGM/PST/PVW as well. It is convenient for external display or monitor.

PTZ Camera Control

NeoLIVE can also be used as a PTZ camera controller, up to 4 PTZ cameras can be controlled through the router.

Audio monitoring interface

NeoLIVE is equipped with a headphone monitor interface, which can monitor any audio input or output channel in real time. Audio control is so easy.

Movie-level chroma keying algorithm

NeoLIVE, appllybuilt-in powerful chroma keying algorithms, can achieve a perfect effect even in extremely detailed places. Perfect for live streaming with virtual background.

Professional audio mixer

Built-in professional audio mixer supports AFV and MIX audio modes, you can mix HDMI embedded audio and multiple external audio output. Easily respond to the audio needs of various live broadcasts.

T-BAR switching with ultimate experience.

NeoLIVE has 15 built-in transition effects, which can be quickly called by the EFFECT button, then use the Auto button to achieve the effect transition. Users can also change transition effects through T-BAR, and broadcast-level transitions are under control.

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