More Stable, Less Interference

2.4GHz/5GHz dual-band transmission

CineEye 2S Pro’s transmitter & receiver both support SDI & HDMI input, to give professional users a versatile and reliable SDI and HDMI wireless video system.

SDI & HDMI Dual Interface

Applicable for all kinds of cameras

CineEye 2S Pro’s transmitter & receiver both support SDI & HDMI input, to give professional users a versatile and reliable SDI and HDMI wireless video system.

Extremely Low Latency

True wireless productivity on set

Latency is a big thing for wireless video transmitters. From the transmitter to the receiver, CineEye 2S Pro has less than 0.06s of latency, which is the best performance in its range. No matter if it’s monitoring or follow focus, CineEye 2S Pro can handle it.

Long-Range Control

Transmission Range up to 1200ft/350m

CineEye 2S Pro’s stable transmission range can reach 1200ft/350m line-of-sight based on Dual-Band technology. With this long-range, you can check what’s happening in real-time on set even if you’re quite far away from it.

One Transmitter for Multiple Receivers

Mix and match, connect and monitor

CineEye 2S Pro can transmit video and audio to up to 4 receivers (standard receiver and mobile devices, mix and match). If you are working in a professional shooting team, you need multiple large monitor setups to keep the whole crew in the loop. Meet your various monitoring needs.

High-quality Video & Audio Transmission

Simultaneous audio and video transmission

CineEye 2S Pro supports video input of up to 1080p 60fps. Also supports 44.1KHz/48KHz 16bit/24bit audio input, and it streams the audio with a low compression codec, giving you a near-lossless audio monitoring experience.

Built-in Various Monitoring Tools

Accsoon GO – Professional Monitoring app

The best Monitoring App in its class. Supports both Android and iOS. Comes with all the popular monitoring features like audio & video recording, false colour, focus assist, histogram, waveform, loading 3D LUTs and CDLs, custom anamorphic ratio, custom ratio guides etc.

Automatic Channel Selection

Provide stable wireless signal connection

CineEye 2S Pro supports 20 channels. During its boot time, CineEye 2S Pro will automatically select the cleanest channel to stream, paired with dual-band transmission, it will further improve CineEye’s anti-interference capability, ensuring ultra-stable wireless connection. The actual channel available depends on your local RF regulations, and you can manually select which channel to use.

No-fan Design

Low power consumption

CineEye 2S Pro has a very low power draw, a single NP-F970 battery can last you 20 hours. CineEye 2S Pro also has no fans inside, ensuring zero fan noise and a complaint-free sound department.

Easy Paring

Rotate and that’s it

With CineEye 2S Pro, we abandoned the over-complicated transmitter-to-receiver pairing process, and instead innovatively introduced the “Pairing Knob”. All you need to do is to rotate the knob on both the transmitter and receiver to the same number, then that’s it. Your transmitter and receiver(s) are now successfully paired.

Perspicuous OLED Display

1.3inch OLED screen

CineEye 2S Pro is equipped with a high-bright OLED screen. Paired with a clean and simple UI, you can easily learn about the real-time connection status and battery voltage. And with simple control logic, you can quickly adjust settings on the transmitter and receivers such as video quality modes and channel selection.

Multiple Power Supply Modes

A battery that keeps up with your shooting

You can power CineEye 2S Pro with NP-F550/750/970 batteries and DC input (7.4V-16.8V). These two charge methods will be automatically hot-swapped and never put a stop to your work on set.


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