• 5.5inch 1080P Display with Better Image Quality
  • Type-C for USB3.0 Live Stream
  • Dual Channel RTMP Stream via Ethernet
  • Recording on USB Flash Disk & Portable HDD
  • Support 4 x HDMI Input for 4 x Cameras
  • Joystick Control PTZ Camera Easily
  • Load PNG Logo& JPG File Direcetly via USB Flash Disk
  • Dual HDMI Output for PGM
  • FADE, DIP, DVE, MIX & More Transition Effects
  • Built-in Audio Mixer
  • Built-in Audio/Line Port for Monitoring
  • Support Multi Low Third Switch
  • Built-in Web Server to Control via Browser


E-commercial Live Streaming

NeoLIVE R2 Plus is the best choice for E-commercial live streaming studio, which can realize multi-scene switching during the product presentation online, and it is compact and portable design make it more flexible in the room-limited studio room.

Education and Training Application

NeoLIVE R2 plus can create virtual teaching scenarios using multiple cameras and chroma key algorithm to meet the needs of online teaching, it also supports to record a series of videos on teaching and save in portable HDD or USB disk.

E-sport media live streaming

As long as connect with several game machines and one camera for commentation, users can go live streaming on different game platform. NeoLIVE R2 support live stream at 60hz/second, and users can use PIP function to do live streaming commentation.

Business presentation via Skype

NeoLIVE R2 can help Skype recognize it as a web-camera, so during the business presentation, user can set one camera as a close-up view, and one as the wide angle camera, and one more camera as PPT presentation to realize professional business online meeting or presentation.

Live Stream via RTMP Code through Phone / Ipad

NeoLIVE R2 plus has a built-in stream engine that enables live streaming via Ethernet connection without connecting to a computer. After selecting a live streaming platform, presente can input the RTMP code through the built-in web server in your phone/ipad to do live stream in high quality on tiktok, YouTube, or Facebook with frame lossless.

Connect 4 Independent Cameras

NeoLIVE R2 plus has four HDMI inputs, which can be connected to different cameras and re-synchronize sources with different video formats to obtain different picture angles. And video cameras with HDMI output use higher-quality lenses and have better low-light performance, resulting in higher-resolution improvements.

HDMI Dual Output for Multiview Monitoring

HDMI output can display a complete multiview monitoring, NeoLIVE R2 plus is equipped with dual HDMI output, which can connect with two displays to monitor the output screen at the same time, making it easy to view all the screens including each input, program, PST signal and the status of the live stream!

Support Type-C Interface

The new switcher NeoLIVE R 2plus interface is equipped with a more convenient Type-C interface compared with Neolive R2, it supports live stream and recording in OBS/Potplayer/VMIX software with 60 frames and high color sampling quality.

USB Disk & HDD Recording

NeoLIVE R2 plus supports to record the streaming data in the HDD, users can save their own live videos or images without worrying about the data loss. In addition, it supports to import the images by USB disk directly with jpg or png format, which can save more devices and computers

Virtual Chroma Key Algorithm

NeoLIVE R2 Plus is powerful and strong in cinema-level chroma key algorithm, which can sample the background color through the color picker, thus automatically generating the image keying parameters, bringing you accurate edge and spot control, it is a good helper for news broadcast or live speech!

Built-in Multi Transition Effect to Improve the Viusal Effect

NeoLIVE R2 Plus adds a variety of transition effects to perform by“CUT”button immediately including FADE, WIPE, DIP, DVE and other effects. Besides, there is a duration button to set the visual effect like 0.5 seconds, 1 second and 1.5 seconds respectively, so as to realize smooth transitions of various scenes.

Wireless Microphone Connection & Audio Monitoring

NeoLIVE R2 Plus is equipped with headphone monitoring interface to connect wireless microphone and desktop microphone and monitor any audio input or output channels in real time. In addition, it is built-in professional audio mixer supporting AFV and MIX audio format and is able to output the HDMI embedded audio and multiple external audio.

Joystick Control PTZ Camera

NeoLIVE R2 Plus can control different settings of PTZ camera remotely and 4 x PTZ cameras by router. By this operation, the PAN, Tilt position, zoom and focus and preset point can be changed remotely to achieve multi-cam switching easily.

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